Permac Electronics


Permac Electronics is the leading calibration and repair facility for synchro and resolver instrumentation in the UK. Our capabilities include repair and calibration of Synchro Resolver Simulators, Angle Position Indicators, Digital Panel Meters, Phase Angle Voltmeters, Digital Analysing Voltmeters, Time Code Generators/Translators and Fuel Quantity Test Sets. We also provide a repair and calibration service on a wide range of electronic and electrical instrumentation and equipment.

Permac provide a calibration service for the following manufacturers and instruments. All calibrations are performed in accordance with our Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 10012-1.

North Atlantic 530 Synchro Resolver Standard
  540 Synchro Resolver Bridge
  545 Angle Position Indicator
  5300 Programmable Synchro Resolver Standard
  5310 Programmable Synchro Resolver Simulator
  5330 Programmable Synchro Resolver Simulator
  5800 Synchro Test Set
  800 Panel Meter
  801 Panel Meter
  8025 Angle Position Indicator
  8300 Angle Position Indicator
  8310 Angle Position Indicator
  8500 Angle Position Indicator
  8800 Angle Position Indicator
  8810 Angle Position Indicator
ILC DDC AP-30602 Panel Meter - Synchro Indicator
  AP-30610 Synchro Resolver Panel Meter
  AP-30611 Synchro Resolver Panel Meter
  AP-30710 Synchro Resolver Angle Position Indicator
  AP-30711 Synchro Resolver Angle Position Indicator
  AP-30712 Synchro Resolver Angle Position Indicator
  SIM-31200 Synchro Resolver Angle Simulator
  SIM-31210 Synchro Resolver Angle Simulator
  SR-103 Synchro Indicator
  SR-203 Synchro Indicator
  HSR-103 Synchro Indicator
  HSR-203 Synchro Indicator
Memory Devices API-1620 Angle Position Indicator
  API-1718 Angle Position Indicator
FT Technologies API-1620 Angle Position Indicator
  API-1718 Angle Position Indicator
  API-1850 Angle Position Indicator
  FT-280 Synchro Resolver Test Set
Control Sciences AP-501 Universal Auto-Ranging Angle Position Indicator
  DPM-401 Synchro Resolver Display
  DPM-501 Synchro Resolver Display
  DPM-502 Synchro Resolver Display
  DRM-4 Hand Held Digital Resolver Meter
  DSM-4 Hand Held Digital Synchro Meter
  DST-400 Decade Synchro Transmitter
Amptec Research 620UK Safety Ohmmeter
  620EX-V Safety Voltage Tester
  620UK-B Safety Bonding Ohmmeter
  620ES Igniter Circuit Tester