Permac Electronics
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Permac Electronics is the leading calibration and repair facility for synchro and resolver instrumentation in the UK. Our capabilities include repair and calibration of Synchro Resolver Simulators, Angle Position Indicators, Digital Panel Meters, Phase Angle Voltmeters, Digital Analysing Voltmeters, Time Code Generators/Translators and Fuel Quantity Test Sets. We also provide a repair and calibration service on a wide range of electronic and electrical instrumentation and equipment.

AcQ Inducom introduces the PMC408 Intelligent quad channel CAN (CAN2.0B, ARINC-825) controller
Tuesday 21st October 2008

The PrPMC is an MPC5200 based processor PMC. It is the heart of the Low Power Data Acquisition System (LpDAS), but it can also ...