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Argonaut® Computer

Established in 1995, Argonaut® Computer, Inc. has been the leading provider of state of the art, ruggedized portable computer solutions to the marine industry. Our company mission and products were originally intended to provide reliable, secure computing in the often harsh marine environment. As our company has grown, we have successfully leveraged our knowledge to provide cost effective ruggedized computer solutions for other demanding customer installations such as industrial shop floor and vehicular applications.

From the beginning, Argonaut Computer has pioneered specialized product solutions to provide reliability and data security in uncertain, harsh mobile environments. Product innovations from Argonaut have included the use of service abraidable 3M conformal coatings applied to circuit boards to protect from moisture, salt air, humidity and dust. In addition, our exclusive ArgoArmor™ protective enclosure technology provides effective shock and vibration protection without adding significant unwanted weight.

Most recently, our revolutionary Tflex™ transflective, sunlight readable screen technology was unveiled, offering the world's largest sunlight readable displays.

Specially designed products from Argonaut have provided reliable operation to marine, yachting, boating, industrial, field service, military, business and household customers. Cost effective semi-ruggedized/marinized solutions from Argonaut allow our customers convenience, versatility and security. Our unique line of high performance systems is equally suited for demanding business/home applications or specialized, harsh environment applications such as marine navigation.

Now and in the future, Argonaut Computer is committed to providing leading edge, secure, ruggedized solutions for all your computing needs.

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