Permac Electronics

AcQ Inducom

Since establishment in 1985 AcQ Inducom have developed into a very successful and modern organisation with a team of enthusiastic specialists, who are willing to go to the limit day after day to achieve their goal: the successful completion of projects by developing, producing and delivering solutions for a whole range of applications in the field of industrial automation. In most cases this involves the design, building and delivery of hardware components for embedded control applications.

Around 1992 the emphasis in the companies activities shifted. Inducom Systems continued to provide customer specific (tailor made) solutions. At the same time its sister company AcQuisition Technology (AcQ) started to provide its own range of standardised products consisting of M-modules and VMEbus boards. This product range has been expanded considerably in recent years and has been tailored to meet market requirements with, amongst others, CompactPCI boards.

In combination with AcQ products we have a good customer oriented approach and an excellent technical support. Together with our in-house design and production department, we guarantee that we can act as the single source supplier of tailor made solutions. Especially for customers who desire the very best in top-of-the-bill technical solutions.

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